The ET - Sat GmbH is based in Kiel and Hamburg within short distances to the north parts of Germany and the south scandinavian areas. In short time we can provide satellite-up-links from Esbjerg, Flensburg, Kiel, Sylt, Hamburg, Schwerin, Bremen or Hannover.

The car was built to the technical specifications of the public broadcast station NDR. It is double redundant and fully digital. 2 Cameras are permanent on board, even a 32 KW generator. For more technical details see the page "Technics"

We can offer You for bigger events 5-camera-OB-trucks. These trucks come with a complet crew. You have the choice between Beta-SP, Digital Betacam, DV, DVCPro or IMX technic. You can rent out only components or the hole crew. Also ENG-crews or man power for electronic photography.

For editing we can offer You a A/B-roll-edit suite in a van. There You have also the choice between the above mentioned formats.

For more details or bookings please contact us under the page "Contact"